Tips For Saving Money on Office Supplies

Many of today’s businesses and home offices are in the market for buying a wide range of products to furnish and make use of every day. No matter which type of facility you are working in, a large open space office surrounded by colleagues or a cozy there are huge savings to be made by shopping around and seeking out the best discounts and offers available. Here are some tips for saving money on office supplies both short term and long term:

Quality versus Price

You and your colleagues will be spending most of the working day sitting on chairs, piling up files and folders on the desks and using telephones, computers, shredders etc throughout the time they spend at work so quality counts over price.

That doesn’t mean however that anyone should pay over the odds for office furniture but it does mean that considering buying larger items in bulk will help you gain discounts on quality furniture that is considered quite expensive but helps avoid injury in the future – no business likes the amount of man hours that are lost from accidents, injuries (repetitive strain injury and others) and sick days.

Buying sensibly will help avoid these and ensuring that you do not buy the same chair for everyone will matter – not everyone will be comfortable in the same chair or looking at the same screen as their neighbor.

Visiting an office supplies specialist that can offer a variety of different designs will help. Making sure that lots of thought is put into buying new equipment and assessing the needs of the business will help save money in the long run and avoid having to buy replacements later on.


If you are planning to buy many bits of furniture then consider finding a company that can offer free shipping or delivery to your office.

As well as offering discount on bulk buys, many companies might be able to offer free shipping too in order to get your business. Whether you are furnishing a board room or dining area to cater for teams of colleagues, or indeed if you are decking out a new garden office you should be able to find a company that has free shipping for orders over a certain value.

It makes sense to think that your delivery will cost 20 because its 5 under a 300 threshold, have a think about other products that you will always use such as printer paper, pens and other small stationery – it soon adds up and may mean the difference between losing twenty quid or spending it on items you will always use.